Month: September 2019

Learn English through games- Word finder.

Ubiquitous- something that is very common. Pariah- someone who is socially rejected is a pariah Petrified- terrified Octogenarian- someone who is between 80-89 years old. Uncanny-mysterious Stoic- if you are a stoic, you can hide your feelings without complaining when you are enduring hard times. Chide- to scold Scavenger- an animal that eats other dead […]

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verbs in english

Meaning and Types of verbs

Today, we will discuss the meaning and the different types of verbs Words that are used to describe certain actions, conditions are called Verbs. Some examples of the verbs are- eat, cry, drink sleep. Verbs are always placed after a subject. For example- He drinks. So he is a subject here and drinks is a […]

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Different types of Adjectives with examples.

Today, we will discuss the meaning and types of adjectives. The words that describe the nouns are called adjectives.  There are many types of adjectives. We use them in many forms. For example, in the form of numbers. I got nine coins. There are eight types of adjectives- The Possessive adjectives. The demonstrative adjectives. The interrogative adjectives. The indefinite […]

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