Month: September 2019


Learn the meaning of interjections with exercises and examples.

What are interjections? Interjections are the remarks made of anger, disgust, surprise, and sadness. For example, Alas!, Congrats!Ugh!, Oh dear! A list of interjections. Alas! (Expresses sadness) Ah! (Expresses pleasure) Boo! (Used to surprise people) Congrats! (Used to Congratulate someone) Duh! (Used to state something obvious) Eh! (Used when there is some misunderstanding) Er! (Used […]

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the conjunctions

Meaning, Examples, Types of conjunctions.

The words that join certain clauses, phrases are known as conditions. There are certain types of conjunctions like either, or and. Types of Conjunctions- Coordinating conjunctions: Coordinating conjunctions connect two different clauses, words. For example, he likes pizza and burgers. Another example-He will go to France or Italy for a vacation. Examples of coordinating Conjunctions- Or, But, And, […]

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Adverbs-Different types and examples of adverbs.

The words which are underlined below are adverbs. They describe an action.  For example, he speaks English fluently. He talked so loudly. He did his work silently. Please follow the instructions sincerely There are Four types of adverbs. These are-  Time Place Manner Frequency 1)  Time– Yesterday, now, then, tomorrow. For example, we will do the work Today. 2)Place-Here, There, […]

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