Adverbs-Different types and examples of adverbs.


Adverbs-Different types and examples of adverbs.

The words which are underlined below are adverbs. They describe an action. 

For example, he speaks English fluently.

  1. He talked so loudly.
  2. He did his work silently.
  3. Please follow the instructions sincerely

There are Four types of adverbs.

These are- 

  1. Time
  2. Place
  3. Manner
  4. Frequency

1)  Time– Yesterday, now, then, tomorrow.

For example, we will do the work Today.

2)Place-Here, There, somewhere.

For example, We have already gone there. 

3) Manner– happily, sadly, luckily, fluently.

For example, Sadly, the work cannot be done today. 

4) Frequency– Often,Seldom,Daily,etc

For example, She comes to the pool daily.

Regular vs irregular adverbs.

Regular adverbs are formed by adding ‘ly’ at the end of an adjective. For example,
  1. Happy-Happily
  2. Sad-Sadly
  3. Systematic-Systematically
  4. Automatic-Automatically
  5. Polite-Politely
Irregular adverbs do not end with ‘ly’-
For Example,
  1. Fast
  2. Hard
  3. Daily
  4. Early

Exercises of Adverbs-

Fill in the blanks with an appropriate adverb-


Once upon a time, I was going to eat at Mcdonalds. I eat junk food _____ although I love it. However, you should not eat junk food ____.

So, while I was going to Mcdonalds, I dropped my wallet on the street. I tried finding the money for hours. _____ I could not find it. ______, an old man appeared and handed me the wallet. I was very relieved.


Fill in the blanks with an appropriate adverb-

You will be successful If You work ____

Please be safe and don’t drive _____

I wake up ____ in the morning and go for a run ____

Please fill the form _______ .

They all waited for their turn______.

______, I could not win the competition. 


Identify the adverbs here-

  • They all lived happily ever after.
  • She comes to the office regularly
  • I had warned her many times.
  • She talks to me nicely.
  • Please be there on time.


Exercise 1-

  1. Often
  2. Rarely
  3. Suddenly


  1. Hard
  2. Fast
  3. Early, Daily
  4. Carefully
  5. Patiently.
  6. Unfortunately


  1. happily. 
  2. Regularly.
  3. Many.
  4. Nicely.
  5. There.

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