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Different types of prepositions

Prepositions’ notes and lists in English grammar

Today, we will learn about different types of prepositions with their meaning. The tables, examples given below explain the different types of Prepositions   Types Of Prepositions     TYPES OF PREPOSITIONS.   The cat is under the table(Example of a preposition in a sentence). Here, under is a preposition. A preposition usually comes before […]

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Learn the present tense in english grammar

The present tense in English grammar

There are three types of present tense-(the present simple, present continuous, present perfect continuous tense). The different types of present tense are used to describe an action that is happening in the present. Learn about the past tense here There are 4 types of present tenses- The simple present tense The present continuous tense The […]

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The Past Tense in English Grammar

Different types of past tense with Examples

Today, we will learn the different types of past tense with the help of examples and exercises. The Simple Past tense,Past Perfect Tense,Past Continuous Tense and the Past perfect continuous Tense are the different types of Past tense. A past tense is used to describe a tense that has already occurred or was occurring in the past. […]

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