Meaning, Examples, Types of conjunctions.

the conjunctions

Meaning, Examples, Types of conjunctions.

The words that join certain clauses, phrases are known as conditions. There are certain types of conjunctions like either, or and.

Types of Conjunctions-

  • Coordinating conjunctions: Coordinating conjunctions connect two different clauses, words.
  • For example, he likes pizza and burgers.
  • Another example-He will go to France or Italy for a vacation.
  • Examples of coordinating Conjunctions- Or, But, And, For, Yet, So.
  • Subordinate Conjunctions: They link two parts of a sentence that is- dependent clause and an independent clause to form a meaningful sentence. 
  • A dependent clause cannot stand alone as a sentence. For example, he completed the course, after months of hard work.  
  • An independent clause can stand alone as a sentence. 
  • An example of a subordinate conjunction would be: I will not go to her house because I don’t like her.
  •  Examples of subordinate Conjunctions are while,whilst,although,whenever,because,so that,when,since,etc.
  • Correlative Conjunctions- We use these types of Conjunctions as pairs in a sentence and link two similar words, clauses in a sentence.
  •  For example, I will either study masters in psychology or apply for a job after college ends. 
  • He is neither gentle nor polite. 
  • The restaurant serves both tea and coffee.
  • We can make similar sentences with not only/but also.


  • EITHER, OR- Used when having two choices or options –
  • For Example, I will go either to the mall or to the market
  • Neither, nor- used when we don’t prefer any of the choices- 
  • For example,
  • I will eat neither a sandwich nor a salad
  • And- It’s used to combine two words, choices, clauses, sentences
  • For example, He went to the store and bought a can of soda
  • But- It expresses an opposition in the sentence
  • For example, the vase is beautiful but expensive
  • Because- It expresses a cause in the sentence-
  • For example, Linda will not work today because she is sick.   


Fill in the blanks with appropriate conjunction-

Last Saturday, I went to a cafe with my friends. The waitress asked me if I would like to have a burger ____ a pizza. Well, I _____ wanted to have a pizza ____ a burger

 I ordered a salad ____ I was on a diet. The salad was tasteless. I never went to that cafe again.


  1. or
  2. either, or
  3. Because

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