Different types of past tense with Examples

The Past Tense in English Grammar

Different types of past tense with Examples

Today, we will learn the different types of past tense with the help of examples and exercises. The Simple Past tense,Past Perfect Tense,Past Continuous Tense and the Past perfect continuous Tense are the different types of Past tense.

A past tense is used to describe a tense that has already occurred or was occurring in the past.

There are four different types of past tenses-

  1. The Simple past tense.
  2. The Present Continuous tense.
  3. The Past Perfect tense.
  4. The Past Perfect Continuous tense.

1) Simple past tense-

A simple past tense is used to describe an event that has already happened in the past.

For example, John fell from the bicycle

Reena ate the mangoes

did my homework

2) Past Continuous Tense- It’s a tense that’s used to describe an event that was being continued in the past. Like,

The dog was eating his food

I was painting the wall yesterday

3)Past Perfect Tense-

It’s describes an event that had occurred in the past before the occurrence of an another event.

For example, When i came home, Rita had eaten her lunch

The waiter had come before we placed the order

4) Past Perfect continuous tense – It describes an action that was in the process of being continued in the past till a certain amount of time.For example,  I had been eating

She had been walking 

Now let’s test you!!!

1)Rita ____ her song to win the competition. (Sing)

2) Marc ___ his money ( loose)

3) She ____ her lunch ( eating)

4) He ____ before class ( sleep)

5) She ____her exam ( Fail)

Complete this story in the past tense

When the shopkeeper ____ (go) to buy a coffee,a robber ___ (enter). While ____ (try) to steal everything but an angry German Shepherd __ (bite) him and he ___ (run) away. The shopkeeper _____  (is) relieved and ___ (give) the dog treats. The robber never ____ (dare) to enter the shop again.

Here we used ‘had gone’ (past perfect tense) because the shopkeeper had gone before the robber entered and we used was stealing(the past continuous tense) here because the action was being continued in the past.



1) sung


3) was eating

4) had been sleeping


Answers of the story-

  1. had gone
  2. entered
  3. was trying
  4. bit
  5. ran
  6. was
  7. gave
  8. dared

i hope that learning the past tense was easy for you. You can also learn the present tense from here

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