God sees everything but waits- Leo Tolstoy

God sees everything but waits- Leo Tolstoy

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God sees everything but waits-

This story is a classic justification of the title “God sees everything but waits”. Let’s read this story and improve our English!

Once upon a time, there was a young, wealthy, handsome merchant named Ivan Dmitrich Aksionov. He lived in Vladimir, Russia and had two shops and a house there. He did not have any bad habits like drinking. He was not violent and everyone liked him.  He was very fun-loving.

One day, Aksionov decided to visit a fare. When his wife got to know about his decision, she warned him not to visit it. She gave this warning because she had a nightmare in which Aksionov had grey hair. Aksionov ignores her warning and leaves for the fair.

Aksionov decided to check in an inn where he meets a merchant. They both drank together and went to sleep. Aksionov woke up early in the morning and left for the fair. On the way, several policemen stopped him. They explained to him that a merchant was robbed and murdered. Then, they checked his bag and found a bloody knife. Aksionov claimed that he had not murdered the merchant but the police did not listen to him. He was serving his prison sentence in Siberia.

Upon pleading to the guards, his wife visited him. She noticed that his hair had begun to turn grey due to stress. Aksionov spent 26 years in prison. He devoted his life to God. He became very religious. His hair turned as white as snow, he spoke little, he did not smile at all. He learned to make boots there and made some money. The prisoners, as well as the guards, respected him a lot.

One day, a new prisoner Makar Semyonich was transferred to the same Siberian prison. Aksionov asked him from where he was. Makar replied that he was from Vladimir. Aksionov asked about his family from Makar. Makar replied that they are good. Aksionov got to know that Makar had killed that merchant that night. He got to know this by overhearing several conversations.

One day, Makar was strewing dirt around the grounds and was trying to make a tunnel so that he could escape. Sadly, the guards found this tunnel and asked everyone if they knew the culprit. When they asked Aksionov, he replied that he did not know the culprit.

Then, Makar approached Aksionov that night and confessed that he had killed that merchant and he also planned to kill Aksionov that day. Aksionov forgave him. Makar Semyonich confessed to the authorities and the process to clear Aksionov began. Sadly, Aksionov died before he was released from prison.

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