Learn the meaning of interjections with exercises and examples.


Learn the meaning of interjections with exercises and examples.

What are interjections?

Interjections are the remarks made of anger, disgust, surprise, and sadness. For example, Alas!, Congrats!Ugh!, Oh dear!

A list of interjections.

  1. Alas! (Expresses sadness)
  2. Ah! (Expresses pleasure)
  3. Boo! (Used to surprise people)
  4. Congrats! (Used to Congratulate someone)
  5. Duh! (Used to state something obvious)
  6. Eh! (Used when there is some misunderstanding)
  7. Er! (Used to express hesitation)
  8. God! (Used to express surprise, worry).
  9. Hooray! (Used to Express enthusiasm).
  10. Ouch! (Used to express pain)
  11. Ugh!(Used to express anger, irritation)
  12. Wow! (Used to express surprise).
  13. Yuck! (Used to express disgust).

Examples of interjections. (Sentences).

  • Alas! We lost the match.😞
  • Ah! What a lovely sunset!😮
  • Boo! I’m here!
  • Congrats! You have won the competition!😃
  • Eliana: “He’s so dumb.” Tara: “Duh!”
  • Professor: “Did you understand the way?” Tim: “Eh!“😕
  • Er! I will not speak to the principal.
  • God! What is going on here!😟
  • Hooray! We have won the match!😄
  • Ouch! The bee has just stung me.🤕
  • Wow! We have won the lottery!😵.
  • Ugh! The maid didn’t clean the floor.😤
  • Yuck! The soup has such a bad taste.😖


An exercise of interjections:

Fill in the blanks with an appropriate interjection:

  1. ____! I didn’t win the competition.
  2. ____! What a lovely dinner!
  3. ____! I got a free voucher!
  4. ____! The dog has made such a mess.
  5. ____! We are going to Germany!

Exercise 2

Fill in the blanks with an appropriate interjection in the text written below-

As soon as I arrived in Iceland, I was mesmerized by the country’s beauty. I checked in to the hotel. My friend said” ____ !. What a beautiful view! We wanted to go had some soup for dinner. “____ !the soup tastes so bad,” My friend said. Nevertheless, We finished the soup.

The next day, we wanted to go out shopping but the weather was too bad. “_____! We can’t go out.”

My friend said. A few hours later, we went shopping and got a big surprise. “____! We got a voucher!” My friend said and she was enthralled.

Although we faced some difficulties during the trip, we had an amazing time.

gift voucher

Answers ( exercise-1)

  1. Alas!
  2. Wow!
  3. Hooray!
  4. ugh!!
  5. Yay!

Answers (exercise -2)

  1. Wow!
  2. Yuck!
  3. Alas!
  4. Wow!

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