The cat who got abandoned 

Learn English through stories

The cat who got abandoned 



 Learn English through Stories.

Today,we will learn through English Stories. The story of Lucy the cat and Barker the dog will help you learn English.

Once upon a time, there was a cat who was loved by her owners. The cat’s name was Lucy. She was one of the luckiest cats in this whole world and then, her owners decided to get more cats. Soon, their house was full of cats and they wanted to get rid of the cat that they had adopted earlier. Poor Lucy was homeless . Soon, the shelter authorities took her. She wasn’t liking the shelter life at all. So,she escaped it.

Lucy became friends with a dog.

On her way, she met a new dog named Barker. His owners’ had also abandoned him..

She asked Barker “how did you end up in the streets.” Barker told her ” My owner took me for a car ride on a sunny day it ended abruptly.My owners had left me in the streets after the car ride. I had waited for his owners but they never came back again.”
Lucy thought “Wow, people can be so mean. I have to find Barker a loving home again.” So, she wanted to go back to the state where her owners lived. Lucy asked Barker”Can you bring me some food? I am hungry.”.

Barker- “yes” and he brought her a fish from some shopkeepers who used to feed him. Then, she finally asked Barker Do you also want to find a loving home.?” Barker replied  “Yes but no one would like to adopt me Life on the streets is very hard and I miss my owners”.
Lucy felt more sad for Barker. She thought again “I have to find my owners and Barker a loving home”

So, she traveled for miles towards her owners’ home. She also found life on the streets very hard. There was nothing to eat and go when it was cold or when it was raining. She finally managed to live on the street and found her owners’ home. Sadly, her owners were not happy to see her and they wanted her EUTHANIZED! Lucy was so sad.

She traveled for miles towards Barker but the shelter authorities found her. They took her and Barker in the shelter again. Finally, a kind, old woman adopted both of them

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