Different types of Adjectives with examples.

Today, we will discuss the meaning and types of adjectives. The words that describe the nouns are called adjectives.  There are many types of adjectives. We use them in many forms. For example, in the form of numbers. I got nine coins. There are eight types of adjectives- The Possessive adjectives. The demonstrative adjectives. The interrogative adjectives. The indefinite […]

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Learn the meaning of interjections with exercises and examples.

Table of Contents What are interjections?A list of interjections.Examples of interjections. (Sentences). An exercise of interjections:Fill in the blanks with an appropriate interjection:Exercise 2Fill in the blanks with an appropriate interjection in the text written below-Answers ( exercise-1)Answers (exercise -2)   What are interjections? Interjections are the remarks made of anger, disgust, surprise, and sadness. For example, […]

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the conjunctions

Meaning, Examples, Types of conjunctions.

The words that join certain clauses, phrases are known as conditions. There are certain types of conjunctions like either, or and. Table of Contents Types of Conjunctions-MOST USED CONJUNCTIONSExercises-Fill in the blanks with appropriate conjunction-Answers- Types of Conjunctions- Coordinating conjunctions: Coordinating conjunctions connect two different clauses, words. For example, he likes pizza and burgers. Another example-He will […]

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