Tenses and adjectives quiz in english grammar

Free English Grammar quiz

Tenses and adjectives quiz in english grammar

Today, we will test our knowledge of tenses and adjectives through an English grammar quiz. Before taking this test, you should learn the past and the present tense.


English Grammar Quiz-tenses and adjectives

Try to go with the context of the sentence

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It was a ____ day. While I was going to my class, I saw a ____ golden retriever in the street. He was being attacked by other ____ dogs. Immediately, I intervened in between and I rescued him. It seemed that he was lost. As a result, he was ____.His owners were finding him and they finally found him. I went to their house with my beagle and the golden retriever was so _____. He wasn't letting us go. Finally, I took my beagle in the car for a bath.

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Use the tense according to the time depicted in the sentence.

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Last year, we ____ (move) to Italy and now we _____ (plan) to start a business.

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Try to use conditional sentences here.

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  1. If I ____(work) hard, I ____(get) the scholarship.
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Try using the past tense here!

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  1. The dog ____ (attack) the robber who _____(stealing) the Jewellery.
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Try to use the past tense here

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She ___ me (scold) because the I ____(broke) the vase.

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Going to the store is his daily task

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  1. He____ to the store every day.(go)
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