Different types of Adjectives with examples.


Different types of Adjectives with examples.

Today, we will discuss the meaning and types of adjectives.

The words that describe the nouns are called adjectives. 

There are many types of adjectives. We use them in many forms. For example, in the form of numbers.

I got nine coins.

There are eight types of adjectives-

  1. The Possessive adjectives.
  2. The demonstrative adjectives.
  3. The interrogative adjectives.
  4. The indefinite adjectives.
  5. The ordinal adjectives.
  6. The cardinal adjectives
  7. The multiplicative adjectives.
  8. The distributive adjectives.

1)The possessive adjectives:

we use a possessive adjective (my, his’, our, her’s ) before a noun to depict the ownership of an object. We also use the possessive adjective to depict a relationship. For example,

For example, This is my book, She is my friend

Here, the possessive adjective ‘my’ depicts the ownership of the book.

For example, we will contact our seniors.

Here, ours is a possessive adjective.

2)The demonstrative adjectives: 

Demonstrative adjectives emphasize an object using this, that, these, those.

For example, this bike is mine.

Here, this is a demonstrative adjective.

3)The interrogative adjectives:

an interrogative adjective( which, what) is used before a noun. we normally use interrogative adjectives in the form of questions.

Another example, which bike is yours?

Here, which is an interrogative adjective.

4)The Indefinite adjectives:

We also use an indefinite adjective to define a quantity. An indefinite adjective does not depict a specific quantity of the noun

For example, only a few people have arrived.

Here, few is an indefinite adjective

Here, we have mentioned that ‘a few’ people have arrived. we haven’t mentioned a specific quantity of people here( like 4 people, 5 people).

5)The ordinal adjectives: 

These adjectives depict the numerical position of a noun.

For example, I got my first job today.

Here, first is an ordinal adjective.

6)The Cardinal adjectives-

Numbers such as 2,3 and 4 that are placed before the noun are called cardinal adjectives.

7) Multiplicative adjectives.

I haven’t heard of this word even a single time.

Here, single is a multiplicative adjective.

8) Distributive adjectives.

A distributive adjective refers to an object or a person using words such as each, every. Some of the distributive adjectives are each, every, neither.

For example,

Out of the two pairs, Which socks are yours?

Neither of them is mine.

Here, neither is a distributive adjective.

The adjectives can also be used as pronouns.

For example, the mathematical solution.


Adjectives of comparison

Adjectives of comparison are used to compare two or three objects or people.

We compare adjectives up to three degrees positive, comparative and superlative.

Examples- ShortShorterShortest
Nice NicerNicest

UsefulMore UsefulMost Useful

An Exercise of Adjectives.

Fill in the blanks with an appropriate adjective.
  1. I have a ____ car.
  2. There are ___ coins on the table.
  3. ____ music are you listening to?
  4. I have secured the ___ position in my class.
  5. There are ___ guests in the hall.


  1. Red.
  2. Five.
  3. What.
  4. First.
  5. Many.

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